Hey there!

I'm Darcie Fairchild, Creator and Designer of Juneau Luxe.

I’m a small-town Northern California girl, jewelry designer and entrepreneur with a big heart and big dreams. Most importantly, I am a single Mama with 3 small children that are my absolute heart and soul!  I would also consider myself a fashion, foodie, travel and accessory fanatic that is fueled by coffee and conversation.

Before starting a jewelry business, I was in Corporate America doing pharmaceutical sales and although this is what I thought I believed was my calling at the time, once I found myself shlepping the hallways of doctors offices, I realized that I was not at all being fulfilled and found that I wasn’t serving myself or other people in a way that I felt entirely empowered or inspired about. 6 years ago, when I had my first daughter Dylan, I made a big change in my life and found my true passion in helping people feel good about themselves in a fun and creative way. 

The brand Juneau Luxe was born out of the desire to create handmade, one of a kind statement pieces using natural semi-precious gemstones. Each Juneau Luxe bracelet is custom designed with a classic yet feminine edge and fun and flirtatious style. All of our bracelets are meant to be stacked up in a way that shows off your own personal style.  With daytime pieces that can be worn out and about or dressed up for a date night or a girls night out, there is something for every occasion.

We hope that you love your J.Lux jewels as much as we do and and that you will forever covet these timeless pieces in your collection and feel as amazing as you look when you wear them!

 Xo.  Darcie


Today J.Lux is a company of Mom’s and strong women who empower other women to live their dream every day.

I know for so many of us out there that have young kids or whose careers have been put on hold or taken a different trajectory to fulfill another journey (and the most important role of raising kids), one day wake up feeling somewhat lost, or without purpose…and trying to balance it all.

Our goal is too help other women feel inspired to chase their passion in something they love. This is what truly lights my heart on fire. We want to create flexible career opportunities for those of you who want to get out and express yourself through fashion and fun.

-We have great career opportunities. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in becoming a J.Lux brand ambassador or stylist in your area.


We are a company that is proud of our charitable work and honored to be able to give back to our community and donate a percentage of proceeds from our Sharing Hearts campaign. Each month we partner with a like minded entrepreneur who is also focused on making an impact for a cause that has affected their life or is significant to them in some way. By designing a feature bracelet that goes towards a cause they support, we are able to donate a portion of the proceeds to several different foundations that benefit causes near and dear to our hearts.

We welcome your submissions and suggestions to be a featured Sharing Heart.